Our services are based on international Standard ISO 31000: 2009 Risk Management and include:

Development of risk management frameworks/manuals

Risk Identification workshops



Contingency planning

The Risk Interactive Workshop

This begins with a process to understand your organization's strategic objectives and risk appetite . 

We then apply this knowledge and facilitate a Risk Management and Compliance workshop with key individuals within the Clients business and develop Risk Registers for risks identified. 

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 During the workshop risks are entered into our Risk Interactive App and managed via this platform until risks are closed off

Development of Risk Management Frameworks

A risk management framework provides an end-to-end link between objectives, strategy, execution of strategy, risks, controls, and assurance across all levels in the organisation.

ISO 31000 (Section 4.1) states that the success of risk management will depend on the effectiveness of the management framework providing the foundations and arrangements that will embed it throughout the organisation at all levels.


A risk management framework refers to the components and organisation of risk management within an entity.